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What we do

We like to understand your business ideas and participate in shaping them. Coding starts only when you are sure the idea is something worth doing!

That is the part of what we suggest when creating a next project for your business or idea

Product Design

We suggest the best UI and UX solutions. Our creative approach in the projects will not leave anyone indifferent. And it usually come not only to nice look, it always come to real users and their needs, we love challenges - solving them is our mission.

Apps Development

Web & mobile app development is our passion. We have been working on projects in different spheres for years. Thanks to our rich knowledge-base and skills we create the best platforms. Payment terminal integrations, push-notifications, transactional emails is the top piece of things we do regularly for our clients.

Continuous Support

We help you to fully set your app and don’t leave you after. Our team will cooperate and support you whenever you need it. We always behave as partner, rather just a consultant. Trust is a key here.

Quality Assurance

We care about quality and believe testing should be an inseparable part of the process. We do auto-tests which able to boost up your development and make you confident about app uptime for your users

Project Management

Our clients shouldn't worry about the project development processes. It’s something we will take responsibility for.


Projects we create are unique and inspiring because we work with passion.

It is awesome to be a part of them. Here, we share them with you.

Cake it easy image'

Cake it easy

Best e-commerce platform for bakeries in Norway. Together with Cake it easy we created a simple to install web solution. Any bakery can install it in seconds.

Cake it easy started as a marketplace solution, while today we orient on building the best platform for bakeries to sell everything from bread to cakes.


years in progress


cakes sold

01 /10

BizBot image'


BizBot is a great platform for entrepreneurs and investors, accountants, startups and incubators. It connects and makes management way easier.

We have been working on BizBot for many years with a great interest. It is a challenging project in terms of development, and this makes us more curious when choosing the right solutions, technologies and while making project related decisions.

3+ years

of cooperation

178 companies

using the platform

02 /10

Altovita image'


Altovita” is a UK, London based startup founded by Vivi and Karolina in 2016. It was full of ambitions and now it looks like we've found the niche and are doing great. We work in many directions at the same moment of time: from supply acquisition to marketing and customer support. It’s not the same small company it was. Devhouse is proud to be a part of this.

We started working with Altovita a few years ago. At that time it was a different project. Our CEO Igor joined the project as CTO and helped to move it from WordPress based project oriented into a private travelling/booking engine into quite a complex solution with many integrations and new kinds of customers: Business Travellers/Rellocators.

Over 5

projects in progress

3 pivots

over the time

03 /10

Filmgrail image'


We started partnership with Filmgrail many years ago and it’s awesome partner to work with.

We have already built 10+ projects together.

04 /10

Smartakst image'


Smarttakst is quite an innovative approach to handle reports.

Instead of doing a lot of paperwork, we went differently: we helped Krister and the team to build iOS, Android apps which could make life of property inspectors. The project is not publicly released yet and is primarily used by ambassadors who already generated 700+ reports and are happy about the solution.


reported done


users on beta

05 /10 image' is a great place for the artists to meet, become widely known and sell their artworks. “Enter” is expanding its spheres providing more opportunities to more creative people.

During the short period of time this project became bigger and now it includes various platforms. Our business partner: Filmgrail





06 /10

Cultpix image'


Cultpix is а new global film streaming service for vintage cult films

We started working with Cultpix team in the middle of summer, 2020. We planned to make the site for around 80 movies. Now almost 500 movies have been uploaded to the site. Now it’s one of the biggest streaming services for vintage films in Norway with a huge potential.

500+ movies

uploaded on the site


active users

07 /10

SASU image'


This is a marketplace for services in Norway, Oslo. SASU provides fitness and beauty services at customer’s places.

We started working on SASU MVP in the beginning of 2021. Now we are working on the support part. The service is available only in Oslo, but we have laid the foundation for consistent development in other cities of Norway. It was a great challenging project in terms of building logic and development.

5 team members

worked on the site

1 full function MVP

with great potential

08 /10

Capa image'


CAPA is the oldest and most competent media & entertainment company in cinema advertising, Norway.

The site provides several services in the biggest cinema chains in Norway: Canvas advertising, Events, Digital services, Conferences.

09 /10

Eventeye image'


If you don't have a way to notify your participant about changes or quickly share an agenda, it could be a pain, but it's not if you have EventEye as a partner.

We helped to build a robust system that consists of mobile-app and Angular powered dashboard to manage the content.

10 /10


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Marius Sevaldsen

Founder & CEO, Cake it easy

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Didrik Martens

Founder & CEO, BizBot

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Vivi Cahyadi Himmel's photo'
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Vivi Cahyadi Himmel

CEO & Co-Founder, AltoVita

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Krister Koen

Co-Founder, Smarttakst

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Patrick von Sychowski

Co-Founder and COO, Cultpix AB

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