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Our handbook

Our mission 🚀

Welcome! We’re excited to talk about Devhouse and its team. People working here are the driving force of everything we believe in here: integrity, creativity, openness, constant growth, freedom to make decisions and the power of communication.

See what our colleagues have to say about Devhouse💚:

“I can easily work remotely but every day I choose to put my pants on and go to the office because it makes me feel pretty cool.”

“Devhouse has a special kind of vibe. It’s about a community, first. They make you feel like you truly belong.”

“There is no hierarchy and unnecessary formalities. Devhouse gives you freedom that keeps you feeling involved and gives a sense of ownership.”

At Devhouse we shoot for the stars, providing excellent services beyond IT. Hopefully, you’ll find it inspirational and rewarding for your career here.

Communication 💬

Devhouse team is spread across 4 countries and 9 timezones. To make sure everybody is comfortable in this setting we try to give flexibility choosing working hours and spaces.

Want to come to the office? You’re absolutely welcome. We’ve extended our office space twice this year to accommodate everybody.

Want to work from home/tent in the mountains/lakehouse? We’re fine with that, just don’t forget to let your team know and have good internet for us to reach you!

Common work hours are from 10 am to 7 pm but feel free to adjust the schedule to your liking and to the team’s goals.

We work together across different projects and disciplines and constantly adjust and improve the flow.

Open and effective communication is a key to success, so we encourage you to use all the work channels to stay on track. We use Slack, Asana and Google meet. There’s never too much when it comes to sharing your progress, better share every step than not share at all. To keep everyone in the loop, we do bi-weekly digests where we share progress on every project, praise our colleagues for their achievement and talk about upcoming events.

As tech enthusiasts, we know how easy it is to communicate through our screen but we also encourage a good face-to-face. And if you’re too far to come to the office, for the New Year’s and Devhouse anniversary we will fly you for a week or 2, all expenses paid, in to meet the team and have a chance to work from our cool office.

Office & Remote work 🏢

Let’s get this one straight, our office is pretty cool. We’ve extended it twice in the last year to make sure our growing team has everything it needs. Having a call with your team? Get to one of the bright and well-equipped meeting rooms. Tired of sitting? We’ve got standing desks. Want to relax? Hop on a bean chair or have a power nap on the sofa.

We have a small coffee room and a kitchen for you to enjoy your meal. If you prefer working out before work or coming to the office by bike, we even have a shower. Every week we have fruit, snacks and lots of coffee delivered to the office. We take energy seriously and want to keep you happy and well-fed.

There is no dress code, feel free to express yourself, or just wear what is comfortable.

If you need to work with different devices and software, you’ll find all you need in the office. Adjusting to the new reality, we also offer you a paid VPN subscription.

At the moment, over 50% of our colleagues, however, are working remotely from the comfort of their own homes. Overall, we cover 5 countries and 9 time zones. Our mission is to also make their life at Devhouse easy and convenient. So, we adjust our meeting times to everyone’s needs, we make sure to record every meeting to give people a chance to check them later. And if there’s any request to make their home office a more work-friendly place, we try to tend to those needs, as well. 

Onboarding ✈️

We take onboarding seriously and continuously develop our flow to make it easier for each new colleague to feel welcome and know their way around.

During your first few days at Devhouse we will make sure to walk you around the office, show you how everything works and give you the key , so that you can access the office whenever. Introduce you to all the colleagues and be especially thorough with the team that works on the same project. You’ll also be given your own personal mentor in the team to consult you, track your progress and help overcome any challenges on your way.

At this orientation you’ll be given access to communication channels, learn how we work around holidays, days off, birthdays and sick leaves. You’ll get clear instructions about salary and payroll rules and receive a more thorough step-by-step onboarding checklist.

As you learn about new processes, please, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Communication is power and in this case it will bring you up to speed and committing fully to the project in no time.

We also expect you to not shy away at meetings and brainstorming sessions. There is a reason you are hired, and we value you contribution every step of the way.

Inspiration and Initiatives 💡

Inspiration in development companies is underrated. We know how important it is to stay inspired and have new challenges in the mix to fuel the brain.

In order to constantly keep our colleagues interested, thriving for new knowledge, we have weekly English club and biweekly meetups. There one of us shares a new hack, an interesting observation or a new piece of knowledge that would be beneficial to the entire group and keep all teams in the loop.

We also look for international opportunities to be mentors and speakers and not only represent Devhouse but each one of you, as experts in your field.

We value commitment and enthusiasm, so if you feel like there’s an event, a seminar you want to be a part of, speak up. At Devhouse we’ll try to provide all the help you need.

In March 2022 we had our first office trip to the local charity to donate clothes, book and toys to people in need. We hope this will turn into a quarterly activity where we will be able to give back to the society. We encourage everyone working remotely to join this action.

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