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Our Story.

We started programming for a small Norwegian startup in 2012.
That’s where our journey began. At the very beginning we just had a desire to create and do something meaningful and helpful for people.

We wanted to turn ideas into something useful that can simplify other people's lives.

When you have a desire, funds come next. So in 2012 we started to assist several Norwegian startups.
Building projects together and being a real team was always significant and pleasant for us.
Our team was a large part of each customer's project, because often we determined not only development, but compromise between technology and business needs. Of course, there were failures too. All these cases gave us the opportunity to learn and to do it really quickly, research new technologies and keep up with the times.

Years later, we recall the first successes and failures with a smile, because they made Devhouse the company it is now. By doing different projects, exploring technologies and needs of various business models, we’ve collected expertise.

We have grown to a company that can make your ideas come true in the most suitable way.
Today Devhouse is the company with its own unique mission and its own values.But what do we do in a few words?

We’re shaping ideas, then - transform them to reality. 

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